6 Manufacturing and Food Safety Software Must-Haves

6 Manufacturing and Food Safety Software Must-Haves

Now more than ever food and beverage manufacturers are up against greater challenges. Antiquated pen-and-paper tracking is still surprisingly prevalent in even large and mid-size companies. These systems can open the door to issues when it comes to quality and food safety requirements. 

Alternatively, the right food safety software can help balance business profitability and FDA regulatory compliance guidelines. These are six key points to consider when looking at food and beverage manufacturing software.

1. Traceability Software for Food Manufacturing

The most essential assurance that your final product is safe and salable is being able to accurately track qualified ingredients and products through every stage of the manufacturing process. Being able to track individual lots, bins, and ingredients ensures that your manufacturing and quality teams can be proactive in identifying and addressing issues at any point in the production cycle. 

That said, sometimes problems arise. Good traceability software for food manufacturing will tremendously speed up the process in the event of a recall or inspection. The integration of traceability software and your FDA regulatory compliance and food safety software will provide a record of where your components came from and what products they went into.

2. Quality Management

Quality is arguably the biggest part of the manufacturing process. After all, this is the product you’re selling. You can increase profitability and minimize the risk of recalls with an integrated quality management or ERP system as part of your business flow. With an integrated quality system you can hold an upper hand against the competition, rather than being reactive. 

Food safety and FDA regulatory compliance software isn’t just about following the rules. The right ERP platform will ensure your production meets your defined standards — consequently increasing profitability!

3. Inventory Maintenance and Planning

Especially when dealing with perishable goods, managing your inventory is key to maximizing production capacity. Your food and beverage manufacturing software should be able to help you manage “use by” dates and orchestrate your materials management planning and procurement. 

Detailed work-in-process coordination and ingredient requirement anticipation are essential to maximizing your production cycles, labor demands, and ultimate profitability.

4. Food Safety Plans and CAPA’s

Whatever product you’re manufacturing is going to have some unique production process. Your food safety software should help you manage the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), process controls, and analysis of the goods you are producing. 

In the event of an audit or recall, you may have to create Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) plans. Managing quality and safety manually can leave you with the grueling process of trudging through binder after binder for relevant information. 

Conversely, an integrated food safety software system with FDA regulatory compliance in mind makes your quality management team precise and efficient in the generation of CAPA’s and food safety plans.

5. Batch Recipes and Ingredient Details  

A food and beverage manufacturing software package should be able to track all relevant information about the ingredients in your final product. Your system needs to track things like technical properties, lab results, costing information, allergens, product claims, and history. 

Furthermore, documentation at every step ensures your product is exactly what you claim it is on the label.

6. The Right Solution at the Right Time

The decision to move forward with a software solution is not a decision to be taken lightly. Finding the one that suits your business size and the industry niche is critical. You’re trying to make your manufacturing process smoother and grow your business. 

Full-scale Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can be a costly and complex solution. Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent and capable software solutions.  

Crystal System’s Clarity Plugins provide an advanced ERP System for Natural Products that extends the capabilities of popular software like QuickBooks to help you streamline your manufacturing process without having to invest in a costly and complex ERP System.

Contact us today so we can find the best solution for your organization.

QuickBooks Inventory

Quickbooks Advanced Inventory

Struggling to manage your inventory levels and warehouse operations?

The solution is Acctivate for Quickbooks with Clarity.

Acctivate with Clarity plugins is the ideal QuickBooks advanced inventory solution. From smart stock level tracking and alerts, lot tracking, and recipe multipliers to barcode scanning and cost estimation we enable an unrivaled Quickbooks inventory solution.


Combine Acctivate with Clarity plugins to complete your QuickBooks advanced inventory management solution.

Barcode Product and Warehouse Bin Labels

Ready to label your inventory?  Acctivate for QuickBooks enables you to can print or scan barcode labels with a single click.

Mobile Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Integrate your scales and barcode scanners with our Mobile Order Picking and Receiving modules to maximize efficiency and accuracy. Whether you prefer a Windows Mobile system or industrial grade equipment from companies like Zebra or Honeywell we we can craft the best QuickBooks compatible system for you.

Landed Cost

Do your products and ingredients have a complex road to your door? Landed Cost will help distribute the indirect costs of shipping (including shipping costs, entry costs, duties, brokerage fees, and taxes) to inventory items.

Lot Tracking

Lot tracking capabilities automatically enforce lot numbers across selected inventory items and maintain each lot number throughout your process. If your products require serial numbers, Acctivate provides them.

Cycle Counting

Cycle count reports and mobile apps can help you quickly and efficiently keep the real world and virtual worlds in sync.

Stock Availability

Log expiration dates and pull inventory for production based on FIFO, LIFO or user-selected lots and transfer inventory between locations with a couple of clicks. Acctivate lets you set reorder amounts, provides alerts, and enables QuickBooks for demand planning.

Weight Scale Integration

Your organization works with products that are sold by weight, so scales are used intensively. In order to weigh and record the consumption of items more quickly and more accurately, scales integrate into your QuickBooks ERP system.

Some features on this page are provided by Crystal Clarity, combined with Acctivate creating the ultimate QuickBooks advanced inventory solution.

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