QuickBooks for Supplement Brand Owners

Easily manage your sales and shipping, while controlling crucial infomation for Own Label Brands

Essential support for supplement operations

As a brand owner, the FDA holds you responsible for ensuring your products meet all labels claims and are safe to use.  Will you be prepared when the FDA starts asking you hard questions about your products?  Using Acctivate with Clarity, you can be confident you have the answers you need right at your fingertips.

Manage Your Contract Manufacturers

Most dietary supplement and personal care brands rely on contract manufacturers.  VitaTrack makes everybody's job easier, by making sure that raw materials have the right specs, production records are filed correctly and inventory is managed accurately.

The system creates a purchase order for your manufacturer that has crucial information about label claims and specifications.  If you keep your labels and propietary ingredients at the contract manufacturer facility, Acctivate with Clarity lets you purchase them and keep track of their usage.

Seamlessly integrate changes to your product lineup and add additional manufacturing capacity. For example you will be on the hunt for a new contract manufacturer if your capsule manufacturer is not the best choice to make protein powers or other delivery forms.

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Stay Ahead of FDA Compliance

The constantly changing Dietary Supplement regulatory environment requires active expertise to fully understand FDA requirements.  Clarity organizes the records so that your team can handle the responsibilities of Natural Products brands.

Even though contract manufacturers will review label claims, outside experts are important.  Not only do the independent consultants stay on top of new regulatory informaton, they can review your advertising to ensure labels match all express and implied claims to consumers. Once the claims are identified, experts check the scientific evidence to determine whether claims have support.

All purchasing and receiving must comply with specifications, and you are responsible for providing Certificates Of Analysis and other records that show how everything meets specs.  Let Clarity organize your information so everything you need is a click away.

As the owner of your brand, you are responsible for a minimum set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) which can show the FDA that you are delivering what the consumer expects.  Our consulting network can help you develop your own SOP’s using basic frameworks and expertise provided by our team.

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Import / Export

As you expand your international supply chain, you can rely on our systems to qualify foreign suppliers, keeping track of quality and regulatory demands, and import ingredients.

If you want to sell internationally, our foreign language module will translate your invoices and other documents for international markets.

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Track Your Formulas and Specs

Now supplement brands can take control of the ingredients and specs in their products.  We keep a database of formula versions, with links to all the regulatory documentation, providing a permanent record for FDA compliance.  Whether you develop formulas internally, rely on consulting formulators, or use the services of a contract manufacturer, you need this information to always be ready.

Track formulas, spreadsheets and other information versions to prevent issues with out-of-date versions and broken links.   Compliance means meticulous record keeping among all sources.  Are you prepared to do all of this in addition to managing your business and selling product?

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Software on your server or in the cloud

Companies that want a complete dietary supplement solution on their own servers can install cloud-served or on-site modules

E-commerce - integrate with Shopify, Magento, Amazon and many others
Warehouse - mobile picking, shipping and inventory accounting
Manufacturing – light assembly and process manufacturing, kits and sales bundles
Customer Relationships – gives sales and service teams complete customer information

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