Pack and Ship

Streamline fulfillment from your warehouse with complete control of your picking, packing, and automated shipping. Connections for major carriers are only a click away. Manage your third party fulfillment and big-box retailers with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI.)

Take control of QuickBooks with Acctivate Inventory and Clarity plugins

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Smart Picking

Map out your warehouse in your system to maximize the efficiency of your pickers (both for shipping and production). The system will automatically generate paper or mobile picklists to reduce time spend and improve accuracy.

Use the Mobile Order Picking module out in your warehouse on a Wi-Fi connected device. Connect to a barcode scanner to ensure the most accurate picking practices.

Weight Scale Integration

Integrated scales take the guess work out of shipping. Automatically calculate catch weight, variable weight, and by-product costing at your shipping station. Track inventory from multiple locations.

Don't let hidden shipping costs catch you off guard or let product wander off. Clarity maximizes shipping efficiency and minimizes loss.

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Complex Pricing Methods

Multiple Pricing Methods

Catch Weight - Sell by the each, charge by the weight. Meat, cheese, and seafood purveyors rejoice with easy, one-click price calculations.

Variable Weight Measurements - Buy in bulk, sell by the item? Let the system take guesswork out of your shipping and ensure accurate inventory.

Total Traceability

Whether using doing internal fulfillment or using a third party logistics provider give yourself the peace of mind that your products are fully traceable from the time you receive the raw ingredients to the time your customers open their boxes. Save time and money on audits and recalls with easy and accurate track and trace features.

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Crystal Plugins

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Crystal Clarity plugins are adaptable across FDA regulated industries running QuickBooks or Acctivate. They can be used individually or together as a comprehensive manufacturing and quality software solution.

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