Seafood Processing Software

A complete software solution for the fish and seafood industry.

Fish and Seafood processing is like no other industry . Clarity offers a purpose built ERP solution crafted hand-in-hand with industry leaders.


Head-to-Tail Traceability

Traceability is paramount for processors, chefs, retail outlets, and customers alike. Our software includes seafood traceability with ease. Track every detail from raw delivery, into inventory, through processing, and on to packaging and delivery.

Advanced Inventory

Clarity takes advantage of the award winning inventory management system Acctivate. Acctivate integrates with QuickBooks and brings next level inventory management to businesses of all sizes. Clarity brings out the best in Acctivate by adding functionality for the nuances of fish and seafood inventory management.

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Real-Time Processing Controls

Take full control of your shop floor. Our fish processing software brings technology to your cut room. Improve efficiency and minimize waste with live production orchestration. Our shop floor interface helps you and your team quickly see what needs to be processed, when, and for multiple customers all at once.

Label Solutions

Create labels on demand for internal, distribution, and customer facing use.

Our integrated labeling solutions give you the power to create labels for inventory, processing, and even packaging. Whether you sell by the pound, catchweight, or otherwise we help you accurately track and report what you're making.

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On-time Distribution

Our Food Distribution Software solution allows you to penetrate new markets and improve your service for existing customers. Also, make informed buying and selling decisions and save money.  Acctivate increases efficiency and productivity, regardless of the size and scope of your distribution channel.

Manage multiple warehouses, shipping information, and additional food distribution requirements you need to profitably distribute baked goods, meat, frozen food, produce, seafood, and more.  Or, send all your production to a Third Party Logistics (3PL) shipper and send them orders by Electronic Data Interchange.

Supply Chain Visibility

With Crystal Systems you have visibility across the supply chain with control of orders, warehouses, compliance and traceability.  Manage the nuances of fish and seafood processing easily, efficiently, and profitably.

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Clarity is compatible with any FDA regulated industry running QuickBooks or Acctivate. Let us help you craft a personalized, comprehensive manufacturing solution.

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