QuickBooks for Supplement Manufacturers

Better profits for manufacturers and ingredient suppliers in the supplement and sports nutrition supply chain

Instead of spreadsheets, Acctivate with Clarity saves you time and money, and prevents problems

Create customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance by using tested software and services for Dietary Supplements.

If you Do-It-Yourself (DIY) with spreadsheets and typical inventory software, errors and versions are hard to control and almost impossible to audit.

Be confident that your products meet label claims and your supply chain is running at peak efficiency.  Make sure you have the answers you need right at your fingertips.

Manage Your Manufacturing

Ensure smooth communication between suppliers, manufacturers and customers.  Manage products, keep production on track, negotiate costs, delivery and minimums with cost-effective systems.  Manage inspections, contracts, quality release and other key business needs with less .  Are you prepared to do all of this in addition to managing your business and selling product?

Track formulas, spreadsheets and other information versions to prevent issues with out-of-date versions and broken links.   DIY means meticulous record keeping among all sources.

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Control Product Development

Capturing the final version of a fomula in your database gives you control and compliance. With DIY, it's hard to manage alternate ingredients, emerging trends and the best suppliers to create innovative and useful products.

Save your company money when it comes time to update products.  For instance, changing ingredients or streamlining manufacturing can lower your product cost.

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Comply With Regulations

Don't slip up on labelling and marketing claims - make it easy for regulatory experts to review your messaging to avoid potential problems.  We provide a proofing and review module that tracks change and approval of your labels.

Helps you stay compliant with FDA regulations including and 21 CFR Part 11 regulations by capturing batch data, sign-offs and processes electronically.  Make sure your ingredient specs capture the unique physical and variable characteristics of raw materials.

Complex and ever-changing FDA requirements and other compliance necessities can cause stress for DIY businesses.


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Assure Quality

Use a consistent database to support your quality system to meet all requirements, including your business goals.

Some SOP’s are intuitive, such as keeping records showing consumer returns are checked before being returned to stock. Other procedures will be more technical, such as Shelf Stability tests.  Capture all of them in a compliant Document Management System.

Create and assign procedures that control lot-tracked inventory.  Know what ingredients are included in each order, and where the products can be found.

Include quality control procedures directly into your prescribed manufacturing process.

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Build Confidence

Be confident of the quality of your information, from the final consumer viewing your online catalog in a store, back through the supply supply chain.  Acctivate with Clarity can send the product label to your web store, and we can even configure a portal to show Certificates Of Analysis to appropriate customers.

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