Manufacturing Solutions

Integrate and coordinate the many facets of your manufacturing processes in one system. Advanced tools from Acctivate and Clarity turn your Quickbooks into a complete manufacturing management solution.

Process Manufacturing

Shop-Floor Control

Clarity helps you aggregate demand and Work in Process (WIP) for multiple customers and finished goods to minimize the number of runs you have to execute and maximize your time.

Clarity's interactive visual calendar helps you master plan and ultimately schedule machines, people, and work spaces.


  • Manage all of your formulations with Clarity
  • Compute label claims based on potency, allergen information, and more.
  • Factor in substitutions with regard to cost and the active concentrations of the substitution
  • Scale your formulas based on demand or ingredient availability with automatic calculations and BOM edits.
  • Manage co-products and by-products
Process mfg
A lipstick vial filling machine in a cosmetics factory.


Manage pre-payments and contract information so you always stay in control.

Track costs and quoted from multiple vendors for internal information or customer requested materials.

Contract Manufacturing

Custom manufacturers have unique requirements involved in their manufacturing processes. Clarity makes those processes easier with powerful tools.

Adaptable multi-Level BOM's

Lot-controlled inventory

Cross-organization visibility

Customer specific formulations



Save on efficiency and and help eliminate errors with easy barcoding.

Track internal operations locations, inventory levels, ingredients, and finished goods with ease.

Follow products from receiving all the way to the customer. Use a single GS1 barcode to scan product ID, quantity, and third party product codes with a single scan.


Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies

Assemblies and finished good items are easy to organize, orchestrate, and master plan with Clarity. Create an assembly for finished good either for customer orders or build-to-stock demand; then generate all the required sub assemblies with a single click.

Aggregating multiple customer orders and maximize your efficiency with Clarity solutions.

Manufacturing Done Right

All manufacturing, especially in FDA regulated spaces, is a complex industry. Clarity helps you fine-tune your process to get the most out of each day

Manage acquisition, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution all in one location or multiple locations.

Clarity handles discrete, custom, and process manufacturing for any FDA regulated manufacturer. Medical devices, supplements, chemicals and more.

If you are on QuickBooks but find you need stronger tools to manage your operation Clarity is for you.

Manufacturing Done Right
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Clarity is compatible with any FDA regulated industry running QuickBooks or Acctivate. Let us help you craft a personalized, comprehensive manufacturing solution.

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