Food & Nutrition Software

Making it easier to make and sell quality foods, cosmetics and supplements.  Crystal Systems delivers quality software at affordable prices.

Improve your operations and boost the bottom line with Clarity ERP for Food and Nutrition. Built on Acctivate Inventory, Crystal Systems integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks.

Affordable, easy to use software designed with flexibility for make-to-order, make-to stock, and distribution environments.

Create Great Recipes

Calculate recipe cost estimates during product development.  Your software lets you create different versions of a formula, tracking test runs and production costs as you go.

Add-on modules let you handle potencies, generate FDA compliant nutritional facts panels, and access a robust database of food ingredients.

Assure Quality

Helps you stay compliant with FDA and 21 CFR Part 11 regulations by capturing batch data, sign-offs and processes electronically.  Make sure your ingredient specs capture the unique physical and variable characteristics of raw materials (e.g. calories, sugar, fat, vitamins and more).

Create and assign procedures that control lot-tracked inventory.  Know what ingredients are included in each order, and where the products can be found.


Manufacture Efficiently

If you are a manufacturer, you likely already know the importance of having accurate product counts in your facilities. This can include not only individual ingredients used in your customer's product formulas but also the individual container parts and shipping materials needed to complete them. With optional scanner support and barcode generation to simplify your batch production, you can streamline your manufacturing processes while accurately maintaining your inventory counts.

Handle production using both process manufacturing (recipes) and discrete manufacturing (parts). You can design a completely custom and flexible process that matches your unique production requirements.

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On-time Distribution

Our Food Distribution Software solution allows you to penetrate new markets and improve your service for existing customers. Also, make informed buying and selling decisions and save money.  Acctivate increases efficiency and productivity, regardless of the size and scope of your distribution channel.

Manage multiple warehouses, shipping information, and additional food distribution requirements you need to profitably distribute baked goods, meat, frozen food, produce, seafood, and more.  Or, send all your production to a Third Party Logistics (3PL) shipper and send them orders by Electronic Data Interchange.

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Crystal Systems delivers software and services for manufacturers, distributors and brand owners. Our products are perfect for companies with regulatory, quality, or immense product data needs like the natural food, dietary supplement and personal care industries.

Out of the box and specialized solutions are available.

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