Clarity Plugins — ERP System for QuickBooks

Clarity — ERP for QuickBooks

Turn QuickBooks into an Enterprise Resource Planning System

  • No steep learning curve.
  • A fraction of the cost of a dedicated ERP platform.
  • Works with your existing QuickBooks accounting software.
  • Software designed for small- to medium-sized distributors, manufacturers and e-commerce companies

Turnkey Natural Products ERP System

Get rapid returns from special food, beverage, supplements and cosmetics features. 

Leverage the power of Clarity with Acctivate to create an ERP system for natural products that can have a significant impact on ensuring your quality products are delivered to customers on time, while being compliant with regulations, and with efficiency and ease.

Clarity Features

Clarity provides targeted, essential features for sales, distribution, and manufacturing:

  • Warehouse Inventory Management — Control your inventory costs and increase your agility with simple, powerful inventory tools.
  • FDA Compliance — Stay ahead of the regulators with simple, integrated quality and records management.
  • Customer Relationships — Attract new customers, cultivate strong customer loyalty, improve the order taking experience, and nurture current customers.
  • Sales — Support your sales team with real-time, accurate information to manage the process from prospect through sale to customer service.
  • Supply Chain — Make sure you are buying on time, from a qualified supplier.
  • Quality Control — Build in quality with integrated inventory, process control and quality management systems.
  • Manufacturing — Manage production scheduling and keep track of your Work In Progress, ingredients and components.
  • Product Data Management — Manage complex product structures, ingredients and components.

Clarity Pricing

Cost-concious orientation to the QuickBooks user community, with a one-time purchase price.

A dedicated ERP System for Natural Products can be expensive for a small- to mid-sized manufacturer. Not only is the ongoing software cost expensive, it often requires internal or external staff to support the product, and help with updates, or to fine tune to meet your needs. 

By leveraging the Clarity Features your team needs, you can easily meet your unique manufacturing requirements, while keeping the price contained..

Contact Crystal systems today to create a turnkey ERP for QuickBooks system that meets the unique needs of your business.

Is it an ERP?

A traditional ERP system is built to handle businesses over $100 million in revenue. Oracle, Dynamics, Netsuite and others have complexity that’s an inherent part of their requirement to handle large, complex businesses.

Smaller businesses often struggle with the cost, implementation and operation of a traditional ERP. That’s where we fit in - a small business package loaded with features that’s easy to use.

ERP for QuickBooks has the features you need without the complexity of expensive competitors.

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