Advanced Inventory Management

At the heart of Clarity's functionality is Acctivate, an advanced inventory management system for QuickBooks. Lot tracking, warehouse management, and specialized utilities transform QuickBooks into a powerful business management solution.

Lot Tracking

As product travels through the supply chain and through your facility rest easy knowing that everything is tracked and accounted for.

Bi-directional traceability is critical in the event of a recall or discovery of an adverse effect. We make it easy to find what final products an ingredient went into or where a contaminated product line came from.

Lot number and serial number tracing are easy with barcoding and automatic tracking features.

Bi-directional lot tracking
Sales Reports

Clarity takes the robust capabilities of Acctivate a step further with customized reports for FDA regulated businesses. Allergen breakdowns, Certificates of Analysis, and Batch Production Records can be generated with just the click of a button.

Prefer your own reports?

Clarity built the reports that come with the system using SAS Crystal Reports. Crystal Reports is a foundational software that offers you the ability to craft your own reports and upload them yourself.

Next Generation Reporting

Equipped with an impressive suite of reports, Acctivate gives you maximum visibility into your operation. Inventory levels, expirations, quarantine information, and cost analysis are just the beginning.

Advanced Reports Catalogue
Smart warehouse management system with innovative internet of things technology to identify package picking and delivery . Future concept of supply chain and logistic network business .

Mobile Capabilities

Equip your team to accurately and efficiently count and track inventory through mobile devices. Integrate your choice of handheld scanners for easy barcoded inventory tracking.

The mobile app gives you the power to track license plates on pallets throughout the warehouse keeping inventory organized.

Move inventory from multiple locations with the click of a button. Lost paperwork and forgotten updates are a thing of the past with mobile inventory tracking.

Improved Warehouse Management

Get your arms around the chaos that can brew in a frenetic, high paced warehouse. Acctivate's inventory management system helps streamline efficiency in receiving, picking, storage and the control of information and changes. Clarity expands on Acctivate's functionality with industry specific features. This centralized solution saves you and your team time, helps you maintain best practices, and ultimately win a greater ROI.

Every business is different. Tell us about yours.

Clarity solutions are adaptable across FDA regulated industries running QuickBooks. Modular features work together to create a comprehensive manufacturing and quality software solution.

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