Product Data Management Plugins for Acctivate

Control your product configurations with Crystal Clarity product data management plugins for Quickbooks 

Clarity with Acctivate

Each of our plugins are priced individually and can be used together to create a personalized solution for any phase of your manufacturing, distribution, and sales requirements.


Clarity Plugins for


  • Store your specs in a Document Management System for auditable, version-controlled records. 

  • Ingredients and packaging materials are tracked with individualized specs.

  • Specs can have any number of process instructions, including templates for complex production and quality control operations.

  • Export finished goods, ingredients and components in a spreadsheet suitable for editing and re-import



  • Prepare a recipe with instructions for each stage of the production. 

  • Add quality control checkoffs and signatures.

  • Show the assembly of recipes that are ordered by multiple customers, with make-to-stock production orders.  This helps schedule the production of common-use batches.


Master Manufacturing Records

  • Prepare a customer readable version of the supplement specification for a finished product, where specific ingredient descriptions can be automatically redacted.

  • Estimate your production cost by running automatic supply calculations for planned supplement batches

  • Your finished items will have GMP compliant Master Manufacturing Records with all the components and QC controls. 

  • Export and import all product info (ingredients, packaging materials, QC controls and operations procedures

  • Print GMP compliant instructions for manufacturing

  • Use tablets, PC’s, scanners, kiosks and/or cell phones to capture GMP compliant Batch Production Records.

  • Automatically print a highly detailed supplement specification for a finished product.

big stock managing check_result

Claims and Certifications

  • Show the label claims listed for a finished product

  • For each ingredient, show whether the ingredient supports the claim, and when the certification was issued. 

  • Keep track of certification inquiries and expirations