Supplement Brand Owner's Guides

Essential process instructions and forms for FDA Compliance and business efficiency


A curated list of the essential information needed to be FDA compliant.

  • Supplier Inquiry Form

    Qualify potential vendors with regard to GMP's and GDP's.

  • Deviation Assessment Form

    Initial report and tracking of a deviation.

  • Receiving Guide

    Validate incoming orders with respect to quality and GDP's

  • Complaints Handling Form

    Capture information pertinent to external complaints.

  • Returned Products Form

    Assess products returned from a customer for quality and GDP's.

  • Returned Products Guide

    Guide for the quality assessment of returned products


The Crystal Guides are organized for each business department.

  • Supplier Management and Purchasing

    Instructions and forms for qualifying vendors and issuing purchase orders.

  • Product Specs

    Templates and instructions for collecting and validating your specifications.

  • Personnel

    Personnel responsibilities and training can be documented for audit readiness.

  • Quality Control

     Take hold of you Quality Control management with investigations, deviations assessments, and CAPA plans.

  • Labeling and Artwork Management

    Manage label claims and artwork version control.

  • Manufacturing Records

    Guides and forms for the documentation of Good Manufacturing Practices and Quality Assurance records

  • Receiving of Finished Goods

    Validate your received product with respect to Good Distribution Practices.

  • Distribution Operations

    Prepare your orders for shipment with regard to Good Distribution Practices.

  • Returned Products

    Ensure quality control, GDP's, and eventual disposition of goods returned from customers.

  • Complaints Handling

    Properly handle, document, and follow up on complaints of quality, distribution, or possible adverse effects.

  • Governance Risk and Compliance

    Perform internal audits and properly execute mandatory or voluntary recalls

  • Complete Catalogue of Supplement Brand Owners' Guides and Forms

    Find just what you're looking for in our complete catalogue of forms and guides.

These guides and forms can help you build a good set of Dietary Supplement Standard Operating Procedures for Supplement and Sports Nutrition Brands.  Contact us if you would like a referral to an experienced Quality Control Consultant who can help set up your SOPs to meet the exact requirements of your company.  Whoever sets up your SOPs should have QC and regulatory knowledge that is current with the ever-changing landscape in this industry.

The information provided on this website does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice or SOP’s; instead, all information, content, and materials available on this site are for general informational purposes only.



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