QuickBooks Pack and Ship

Pack and ship in your own warehouse, or send orders to 3rd Party Logistics companies for outsourced shipping.

If you pack and ship in your own warehouse, we provide control of printed pick lists and packing. Automate your shipping with plugins for FedEx, UPS and USPS.

The alternative is to send orders to a 3rd Party Logistics provider using EDI or direct access to the picking module.

Pack and Ship


Catch weight

Catch-weight is traditionally used in industries like meat and cheese, where each item sold has a different weight. For example, your company purchases, produces or delivers products in both pieces as well as kilograms. In this situation, kilograms are often the primary unit of measure for the calculation of cost, purchase, and sales prices.

Connection to weight scales

With integrated scales you can ensure accurate catch weight and variable weight measurements, manage by-product costing, and track inventory across multiple freezers and/or locations.

Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

DSD (direct store delivery) functions help delivery drivers organize and get the right products to customers on their routes. A mobile barcode scanner lets delivery drivers track specific lot codes delivered.

Lot traceability reporting

Trace which customers got which products and lot codes – including who did the shipment (or delivery) and when they did it.

Mobile apps for orders and shipping

Use the Acctivate Mobile Order Picking module for accurate order picking and shipping. Use rugged industrial-grade devices from Zebra, Honeywell and others, or run the software on almost any inexpensive Windows Mobile device.

Serial numbered shipping labels

Make your customers happy with shipping labels that give the information they need. If your customer wants Serial Shipping Container Codes (SSSC) with a unique number, Acctivate can print them automatically. In addition, SSCC Labels offer reliable tracing options, for example in the event of a product recall. This is because information concerning the goods and packaging being transported on the container is linked to the unique code.