Sales and CRM Plugins for Acctivate

Clarity controls your product configurations with product data management plugins for Quickbooks 

Clarity with Acctivate

Each of our plugins are priced individually and can be used together to create a personalized solution for any phase of your manufacturing, distribution, and sales requirements.


Customer Care

  • Pop-up customer information when a call comes into the contact center. Allow the agent to search for the appropriate customer if there is no match on the Caller ID.  Automatically create activity records for the agent to log call results.
  • Keep an online log of customer complaints and actions.
  • Display the products on an order in the Order Manager window.
Costumers Reviews_result

Sales Analysis

  • Compare sales order totals for any two date ranges

  • Analyze open orders and sales history to decide how much material to buy

Pack and Ship

  • Print labels for shipping boxes of lot-controlled items

  • Run a packing list with sales prices


International Sales

  • Configure the translation of reports into any language

  • Translate credit memos, invoices, orders, pick tickets and packing lists into a foreign language