Quality Control Plugins for Acctivate

Skip the spreadsheets!  Keep track of Q/C and operations procedures in an integrated system with document control 

Clarity with Acctivate

Each of our plugins are priced individually and can be used together to create a personalized solution for any phase of your manufacturing, distribution, and sales requirements.

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Q/C Hold

  • Block the sale, assembly and transfer of items from QC locations             

  • Log the inspection of all returned items 

  • List the products that have passed Quality Control quarrantine and are ready for putaway

Certificate of Analysis

  • Configure any number of tests and qualifications           

  • Collect measurements and test results on mobile and desktop computers 

  • Print a Certificate of Analysis based on the spec and Q/C results


Manufacturing release 

  • Print a list of the QC tests and procedures done on a manufactured product.  Each item has a pass/fail status, and all must pass for the product to get flagged as passing

  • File the signed release PDF in the Document Management System


Investigations and CAPA 

  • Online form for complete tracking of QC investigations, with Corrective And Preventative Actions

  • Online form for initial QC deviation assessment                          

  • Online form to log internal audits and self-inspections

  • Online form to track Corrective And Preventative Actions for minor deviations