Inventory Plugins for Acctivate

Lower your costs and speed up your throughput with Crystal Clarity warehouse plugins for Quickbooks inventory control. 

Clarity with Acctivate

Each of our plugins are available individually and can be used together to create a personalized solution for any phase of your manufacturing, distribution, and sales requirements.

Inventory manage_result

Inventory Management

  • Calculate the upcoming demand for components by analyzing orders, scheduled production, or history. You can set a time limit, to only consider orders due up to a given date.
  • Analyze inventory consumption to set appropriate reorder points.

Material Supply

  • Find all scheduled production that does not have allocated or available components

Warehouse Management

  • Run reports to show lots nearing expiration, receipts in QC, and know the status of on-hand inventory down to the individual lot / location.

  • Print barcoded labels for containers and pallets of received components.  Samples that go to QC can be tracked with a barcoded label.

Products-Bill of materials_result

Assembly Bill Of Materials

  • Generate multi-level Assemblies with a single click

  • Print production instructions, quality steps and sub-procedures 

  • Automatically create transactions for co-products


Barcode Label Design

  • Use the free Zebra designer to lay out your labels

  • Labels for containers and pallets of received items

  • Labels for production with lot and customer information, configurable for any product.               

  • Labels for products


Weigh and Print

  • Attach weight scales and printers to Crystal Control using internet links

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