FDA Compliance Plugins for Acctivate

Distributors and Manufacturers can simplify FDA compliance with plugins for Quickbooks 

Clarity with Acctivate

Each of our plugins are priced individually and can be used together to create a personalized solution for any phase of your manufacturing, distribution, and sales requirements.


Label Control

  • Manage the series of events from label design through approval, printing, receipt and destruction of old versions.

  • Make notes on label proofs and instantly make pixel-perfect comparisons of new versions


Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

  • Check the Batch Production Records for incoming production
  • Print GMP compliant instructions for manufacturing
  • Use tablets, PC’s, scanners, kiosks and/or cell phones to capture GMP compliant Batch Production Records



  • Record of the dates, subject matter and trainees for all trainings given.



  • Take advantage of our core set of documents and forms to manage your distribution and manufacturing operations.
  • In the hands of a Quality Control team, these are a starting point for your FDA required Standard Operating Procedures.
  • (These are not 'SOP Templates', we believe you need Qualified Process Controls Individual to create SOP's for your business)

Activity Forms

  • Create forms in Word or Excel, then upload to an online database
  • Collect any amount of information about an activity in the online forms database
  • Send anybody an email link to fill out a form

Document Management

  • Link products, assemblies and activities to a Document Management System

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