QuickBooks Supply Chain Mangement

Make sure you stay in stock with software that considers vendor lead time, sales velocity and on-hand inventory.

The solution is Acctivate for Quickbooks with Clarity.

Automatically generate purchase orders when you run low on stock. To plan your future inventory needs, Acctivate lets you instantly create inventory alerts from a full materials requirements plan (MRP). The plan considers data such as manufacturing demand, purchase orders, on-hand stock and customer orders to determine what you may run out of and when you need to reorder it.

Supply Chain

Combine Acctivate with Clarity plugins to complete your QuickBooks supply chain management solution.


Manage a backlog of manufacturing orders weeks and months in advance. Allocate equipment in advance and revise the machine schedule when production starts.

Detect Material Shortages

Assign raw materials to production orders in advance. View all production orders that have unallocated components, and see the status of incoming purchase orders and quality control quarantine.



Do a full (or partial) check in of received goods and assign lot codes. Log the receipt, truck inspection, COA and other vital data. Track the Quality Control release and warehouse put-away in real time.

Container Labelling

Print barcoded labels for pallets, containers and samples.

Varying Units of Measure

Purchase your ingredients and supplies in different units of measurement than those used in production. Acctivate automatically performs these conversions.

Respond to Supplier Delays

Automatically find all production orders that are affected by raw material delays. Send and log emails to vendors and production so that everybody knows the impact.

Some of the features on this page are provided by Crystal Clarity, which is a set of software plugins that enhance Acctivate.

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