Quickbooks Sales

Streamline your order processing across multiple channels

The solution is Acctivate for Quickbooks with Clarity.

Whether B2B, B2C, or both, customers are vital for profitability and keeping them happy, satisfied, and loyal should be at the top of every company’s priority list. Acquiring and managing customers requires talented, skilled individuals and a system with real-time, accurate information to manage the process from prospect through sale to customer service.


Combine Acctivate with Clarity plugins to complete your QuickBooks sales management solution.

Accurate Quotes

If you are currently manually generating quotes for your customers, you may risk pricing errors. Every time a new ingredient or component is checked in, the pricing will automatically be averaged to create an accurate quote; however, this can be modified manually when creating the quote. This ensures that quotes are as accurate as possible at a component level to ensure you aren't overcharging your customers or losing money.

Customer Pricing

Set up different prices for your products for each customer.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI (electronic data interchange) is used by companies such as UNFI, Costco, and Walmart to generate and accept orders, shipment receipts, invoices and any other required business documents. As a technology, EDI is a scheme where files are transmitted between systems and formatted in a standard pre-agreed format.

Lot Numbered Invoices

Automatically add lot numbers to customer invoices.

Manage Promotions

Reduce time-consuming reconciliations and improve accuracy with trade promotion management functionality.

Manufacture to Order

Once an order is approved, you can generate a production order and determine the individual components needed for completion. When your SOP is connected to this system, this creates a step by step process to ensure accurate orders each time the manufacturing process is started. Our pre-configured manufacturing industry software has incorporated industry standard best practices while remaining customizable to meet your unique needs.

Quick Quotes

The quoting, ordering and invoicing modules let you design custom quotes for large jobs and easily generate orders and invoices for you customers. Create work orders from a set of customer orders and Acctivate will automatically multiply your recipes up or down to produce the exact quantities needed for those orders — perfect for producers who have a different volume each day.

Sales Tracking

Track orders by salesperson for accurate commission reporting. The system automatically updates QuickBooks' sales orders and sales rep.

Some of the features on this page are provided by Crystal Clarity, which is a set of software plugins that enhance Acctivate.

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