Acctivate with Clarity

Accelerate your business with fully integrated extensions to Acctivate.  Our solutions enable efficiency and quality for small and midsize food, beverage, and natural products companies.

 What is Acctivate?

To better manage a business without leaving QuickBooks, thousands of companies have picked Acctivate for order management and inventory control.

What is Crystal Clarity?

Every business is unique. Clarity plugins provide targeted, essential solutions for sales, distribution, and manufacturing with Acctivate.

More about Clarity Plugins

Customer Relationships

Attract new customers, cultivate strong customer loyalty, improve the order taking experience, and nurture current customers.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is built-in with Acctivate, to enhance competitiveness by improving sales productivity, enabling management control and promoting business consistency.

The CRM module is a feature-rich system that combines customer tracking with order processing. Take advantage of real-time information about inventory and shipments for a 360-degree view of your customers.


Whether B2B, B2C or both, customers are vital for profitability; keeping them happy, satisfied, and loyal should be at the top of every company’s priority list. Acquiring and managing customers requires talented, skilled individuals and a system with real-time, accurate information to manage the process from prospect through sale to customer service.

FDA Compliance

Customers and governments are continuously setting stricter requirements for quality and food safety.  Stop spending time wrestling with stacks of paper and double-entering information in different systems.  Use a system designed for your industry to track logistics and compliance in one place, so that effective action can be taken.​


Light Manufacturing: 

Use the QuickBooks with Acctivate assembly system to manage light manufacturing. Create kits such as holiday baskets and configure-to-order combinations. Build counter displays, samples and testers as the need arises. Easily take care of distributor requests such as pallet and master pack shipping.

Food, Cosmetics and Supplement Manufacturing:

Set up your formulas and recipes with a best-practice configuration for raw material processors as well as food, supplement, cosmetic and personal care manufacturers. Acctivate lets you create multiple-level Bills Of Material, check the availability of components, and manage the work flow.

Advanced Inventory

Part of running a successful food or natural products business is managing your inventory and stock levels and wisely projecting future needs. With QuickBooks and Acctivate, recipes or formulas with production multipliers instantly send alerts when lacking enough ingredients to meet production. The system suggests orders and gives the estimated cost, based on your current accounting cost methods.

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Product Data

Crystal manages the complex product structures of Food, Supplements and Personal Care products.  Your products will have complete raw material specifications, finished product BIll Of Materials, label data and other information.

Increase online sales conversions with public-facing images and descriptions, and publish your information to e-commerce and online catalogs

Supply Chain

Automatically generate purchase orders when you run low on stock. To plan your future inventory needs, Acctivate lets you instantly create inventory alerts from a full materials requirements plan (MRP). The plan considers data such as manufacturing demand, purchase orders, on-hand stock and customer orders to determine what you may run out of and when you need to reorder it.



Ensure that your facilities and processes will safely deliver your product. The Activity Manager lets you create operating procedures, validate operations and manage a Quality Oversight program.

Crystal organizes the records to keep you abrest of the responsibilities of Natural Products brands.

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