VitaTrack Extensions

VitaTrack extends ERP packages with crucial features for Natural Products brands, ingredient suppliers and manufacturers.

Customized solutions at package prices

VitaTrack is an extension built to turn off-the-shelf ERP systems into a fully functional solution for the dietary supplement industry.  

Get rid of spreadsheets and cumbersome manual processes. 

Product Specs

Manage specifications

Track your approved formulas and specs for FDA compliance. Generate finished product spec summaries that link ingredients and other requirements. When even the slightest change is made to a raw material or recipe, all the specifications of affected products must be re-evaluated. VitaTrack lets you see the effect across all your finished goods.

Fact panels

Create ingredient and supplement fact panels using FDA compliant labelling software from Genesis and Formulator. (coming soon – upload your formulas to eliminate key entry time and error)

Allergen and other claims data

Supports allergen, organic, Kosher, Halal and other industry specific types of product data.

Label and Marketing Claims

The optional proofing module lets you track revisions to labels, websites and print media. Catch even the tiniest changes with automatic change recognition.

Document Management

Integrate your product data structures with Sharepoint to keep a final version-controlled record of PDF specs and other approved documents.


Contract Manufacturing Quotes

Create price quotes with ingredients and packaging.  See the effect of ingredient price changes on your customer’s formulas

Track non-conformance and CAPA activities

Create quality management procedures with the built-in Acctivate activity manager. Add third-party SOP and CAPA modules for enhanced compliance management and FDA quality compliance vendor qualifications. Establish libraries of Vendor Inspection Plans and Checklists for raw materials, WIP and finished goods, as well as equipment.

Multi-step production

With multi-step assembly orders, you can create complex formulas that model the same way you produce your products in the real world. At each stage of production, create new inventory, use inventory created in other runs, and produce whatever finished goods you need.

Calculate costs

Calculates formula and recipe cost estimates, with packaging and labor details.

Manufacturing instructions and procedures

Embed QC tests, labor costs and instructions, within recipe and packaging specifications

Potency adjustments

Automatically calculate material requirements using ingredient potencies

Batch Production Records

Print a perfect BPR, or scan your production into electronic manufacturing records

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