Supplement Consulting

Our consultant network connects you to dozens of experts with broad and deep experience in all Dietary Supplement and Personal Care industry areas.

Add solution-focused experience with expert consulting.  Put our experience to work for you and get exactly the expertise you need.
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Our experts can help you locate the right ingredients, for the right price, at the right time.

Sourcing materials has hidden hazards and opportunities.  For example, replacing an ingredient may lower your cost, and we can make sure the replacement delivers the same body function and meets the certification requirements of your finished product.

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Regulatory Compliance

Dietary Supplement regulation is a constantly changing environment that takes active expertise to be fully aware of the responsibility of Natural Products brands.  The skills and knowledge of our Regulatory Consultants is an essential benefit for the customers of Crystal Systems.

For more complex regulatory issues, our Natural Products Experts and consulting partners can provide you with deep expertise in Governance, Risk and Compliance issues.

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Product Development

Whether you need something as simple as locating reliable suppliers, or as complex as clinical trials, we can help with all phases of new product development.

We work with contract manufacturers to maximize the efficiency of their formulations teams.  This helps ensure reliable supply of your supplements, functional foods and personal care products.

Our Natural Products Experts can recommend ingredients and recommend the best suppliers for your products.

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Marketing Support

We help you stand above the competition.  Our Natural Products Experts can investigate products and competitors in your niche.  A market analysis will help you plan new product offerings, spot market changes, and respond to competitors.

Our experts can help you set up a marketing workflow to keep track of different versions of your marketing materials.  Use our pixel-perfect proofing comparison tool to spot changes and make requests to your graphics designers

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Ensure that your facilities and processes will safely deliver your product.

You can take advantage of Natural Products Experts to create lab procedures, validate operations and manage a Quality Oversight program.

We have Preventative Controls Qualified Individuals (PCQI's) on our team, which gives you access to a FDA certified person to prepare the Food Safety Plan, validate the preventive controls, and review records.

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In-house Manufacturing

Make sure raw materials are on-hand, issue production orders, process workorder completion and shepherd the product into distribution.

We help you configure the economical Acctivate / Quickbooks inventory software to make a good fit for light manufacturing requirements.  If you want to outsource your data entry and process management, we can provide an experienced team.

For complex manufacturing, we and our ERP implementation partners can handle requrements such as multiple production facilities, vertical integration and multi-stage supplement manufacturing.

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Import / Export of Dietary Supplements

We can help locate your ingredients throughout the globe, and manage the import and customs process.

If you want to expand in the global market for American quality, you can rely on us for preparing export documents, managing customs, keeping track of quality and FDA requirements, and registering products in international markets.  Our Natural Products Experts can bring their experience setting up relationships with foreign distributors and building out international facilities.

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Production Management

The Crystal Systems Core helps optimizes your contract manufacturer experience, while maintaining the formula control, purchasing management and all the required FDA compliance records.

Our services ensure that costs are calculated precisely, raw materials have the right specs, and all product versions are tracked in detailed records with electronic signatures.

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Warehouse Supply

Customer demand creates signals to reorder product and check the supply of raw materials.  We monitor the supply chain and let you know when to issue Purchase Orders.

We let the manufacturers know what documents are needed, such as Certificates Of Analysis.  When the products are received our experts check the scanned documents before release from your Quality Assurance quarantine.

Scarce raw materials can be hard-allocated to your inventory.  This ensures that the contract manufacturer always has them on hand to run timely production orders.

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Quality Assurance

Every Natural Products brand needs Quality Assurance standards to make sure customers receive the product they expect.  Our experts make sure you understand regulatory and safety requirements, and we help you develop Standard Operating Procedures.

From simple procedures like testing the finished product, to more technical processes like shelf stability tests. Crystal Systems provides the software and expertise for professional Quality Assurance.

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