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Accelerate your business with fully integrated extensions to Acctivate.  Our solutions enable efficiency and quality for small and midsize Natural Products companies.

Why QuickBooks?

Millions of small and midsize businesses manage their financials and grow their business with easy-to-use Quickbooks.  

Why Acctivate?

To better manage a business without leaving QuickBooks, thousands of companies have picked Acctivate for complete order management and inventory.

What is Clarity?

Clarity plug-ins extend Acctivate to provide targeted solutions for sales, distribution and manufacturing.



As a business grows, your needs grow too - and those needs extend beyond accounting. With QuickBooks, inventory management, order processing, and other complex tasks can prove difficult or impossible. To meet these needs, Acctivate created a comprehensive order management and inventory system approved by Intuit. Acctivate’s integration with QuickBooks provides easy and direct access to data in your QuickBooks account, such as your current customer and vendor records.
This utilizes the strengths of both systems: QuickBooks for your accounting functions and Acctivate for your production, traceability and inventory control. By adding true end-to-end traceability and real inventory costing for your products, you get functions that QuickBooks alone can’t provide.

Add customers automatically

Simultaneously add new customers to QuickBooks and your accounting system account.

Keep an eye on costs

The integrated accounting system accurately costs each lot through the process, manages manufacturer chargebacks, and allows order processing through multiple options; such as via affordable EDI, over the Internet, or within your order department.

Quickly generate detailed cost reports for your production runs with breakdowns for raw materials and labor used and work in progress of finished goods created. You’ll be able to keep an eagle eye on the health of your business and whether your costs are in line with current (and historic) expectations.

Update QuickBooks with new bills, invoices and purchase orders.

You can create invoices and POs in Acctivate and click a button to send them over to QuickBooks. QuickBooks will recognize the products you are selling (or buying) and treat the invoice or PO just like any other you’ve created. Upon updating your accounting in QuickBooks, Acctivate creates general journal entries for your inventory costs.

Find out how easy it can be

Document Management

When the FDA and other regulators come calling, accurate records will be ready. Crucial quality and compliance records are organized for easy access, with industry-standard version control and electronic signatures.

Design Proofing

Labels and marketing materials flow through advanced proofing tools that compare every version down to the pixels on the page, and track all comments and approvals.

Document control

Establish libraries of SOP’s, Vendor Inspection Plans and Checklists for raw materials finished goods. Check-in changes, set up approvers, and capture 21CFR11 compliant signatures.



Automatically synchronize your product data with popular shopping carts such as Magento, Shopify and 3Dcart. Simplify your online sales management with built-in connections to omnichannel merchants such as Amazon and eBay.

Crystal Systems can automatically provide follow-up support records in the CRM. Crystal downloads sales orders to keep your accounting current, and uploads inventory stock levels to the channels.

Build a new sales channel with the premier online sales systems. Extending the capabilities of Crystal Complete, our consultants can help you create an exciting new merchandising experience.