Features of DirectScale

Simplify your direct sales business with software that's easy to use, completely scalable and packed with the features you need.

What is DirectScale?

Everything you need to grow your Multi-Level Marketing business in one simple place.  Cloud-based software that supports direct and social selling companies, and their salesforce..

Distributor Business Builders

Replicated Marketing Sites

Combine the power of your company’s brand with your personal touch, and ensure proper attribution for new orders and enrollments.

Prospect Manager

A unified management system integrates website lead captures with your own contacts to seamlessly track and execute interactions through emails, texts or phone calls.

Social Suite

Tap into your social network through simple Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest integration.

Social Sharing

Share your websites and brand resources with your social feeds, and start turning likes into leads.

Graphic Tree Viewer

Visualizations of team structures help pinpoint the strongest areas of your team, as well as those in need of a little extra help.

Commissions Report

Track your team’s success with detailed breakdowns of commissions and bonuses.



Customize the enrollment process with intuitively tailored experiences for retail customers, prefered customers, and distributors.


A frictionless shopping flow makes it easy to purchase new products anytime, anywhere.

Autoship Management

Make on-the-fly changes to existing autoship orders, from adding and removing products to updating delivery dates and addresses.

Order History

Access order, invoice and volume details for all of your sales, including your downline’s sales as well.

Marketing Management

Training Courses

From first joining a team to leading one of your own, our step-by-step training courses help you succeed at every milestone along the way.

Company Calendar

Stay up to date with corporate events and local going-ons to maximize corporate support in your duplication efforts.

Resource Library

A one-stop shop for corporate training and sales materials including videos, presentations and creative assets.

Back-office Management

Easily tailor the back office experience by market, language and more so each audience always has the right info.

Schedule Content Updates

Easily manage promotions and other timely events by scheduling the automatic publishing and removing of any asset


Create your own custom pages and widgets within the back office by inserting your own custom HTML or with our easy-to-use custom page/ widget editor


Commission Engine

Rules-based to accommodate any number of commission payment structures including unilevel, binary, trinary, breakaway, matrix, and more, including complex bonus structures. Also includes specific configurations for all types of direct selling organizations.

Commission Profiler

Avoid costly mistakes in commission payout by creating any number of commission profiles to test modifications to your compensation or bonus plan before making them live.

Customer Service Portal (CRM)

Give your corporate field support team the information and tools they need to manage and support field leader issues and requests.

Transaction Engine

Keep all your transactions in one place for merchant accounts, money in, money out, tax calculations and exchange rate managers.