Features of DataNinja

DataNinja enables paperless manufacturing processes without the risk and expense of replacing your financial system.

What is DataNinja?

Audits are both show, and tell. Now you can do both more confidently. The secret? You know that no matter which lots they pick, your manufacturing records have already passed electronic verification for accuracy, completeness, and approvals.

What really impresses the auditors is how you can type any lot number into the search bar and see the full forward and reverse pedigree, of all quality documents from incoming inspection of raw materials, up through shipping.

Traceability is not only the law but solid traceability it is also a great way to win business in customer audits.

CFR 21 Part 11 E-Signature Compliant.

This is the code of federal regulations that are used by defense contractors and medical device manufacturers world wide.

Production Planning.

Think multi editor google docs + drag and drop scheduling + real time inventory and dependency intelligence from your financial system, and you are not to far off.


Data Ninja is compatible with any relational database financial system. Inventory, and BOM master data is synced up to DataNinja and financial transactions are processed in the financial system without human help (errors).


Imagine a bar code based physical inventory count. They are more accurate too, because barcodes enable real time transactions reducing errors throughout the year.

Barcode Traceability.

The secret to perfect traceability from raw materials to finished goods is making data collection painless. With DataNinja the scan of a single bar code tells that entire sub-lots story.

Tablet First.

Desktops work great… if you only work from your desk. Some people work for a living, so cut the cords and get work done where it gets done, anywhere in the value chain.

Lot and Part Verification.

DataNinja has your back and verifies part and lot data in real time, which translates to reduced delay and rework. Now your staff will have more time for the hard stuff.

Variance Analysis.

DataNinja trends quantity, labor, and price variances, not to mention up to 1000 custom or in process QC data points for every sub-assembly and raw material.