Weight Scale Integration

Integrate your scales directly into Acctivate for QuickBooks. With Crystal Clarity plugins it's easy to track weight at any point of your manufacturing process.

Web Based for Convenience

Attach Any Scale Over the Internet

Validate Receiving and Production

Print labels

Gloved staff of seafood plant checking weight of smoked sardine pieces before canning

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Crystal Clarity plugins are available individually or as full scale, customized solutions. Let us know how we can help you take your business further!

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But Weight! There's More!

As part of our plugin library you can get even more out of your weight scale integration. Weigh, record, validate and even sign forms with our online tools. 

Instant Integration

Weight Scales and Label Printers use Crystal Control to connect with Acctivate for QuickBooks.

Simple and Accurate

Improve your warehouse operations with simple weighing and activity management plugins


Weigh a single item, or use the total of a series of weights.

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Crystal Clarity plugins are adaptable for all manufacturers running QuickBooks or Acctivate. They can be used individually or together as a comprehensive manufacturing and quality software solution.

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