Detailed Receiving Inspections

Make sure you're getting what you paid for. Acctivate with Clarity for QuickBooks makes receiving, validation, and records management a breeze.

Lot Tracking

PO Validation

Single and Multi-Step Workflows

Weight Scale Integration

Cardboard boxes and magnifying glass. Concept of searching for goods and components. Procurement audit. Quality control. Supply and demand, distribution of products on the market. Cargo tracking

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Crystal Clarity plugins are available individually or as full scale, customized solutions. Let us know how we can help you take your business further!

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Know with Crystal Clarity What's Coming In

Never miss a beat upon receipt with automatic receiving logs, inspection criteria, lot tracking, and more.

Fool Proof Receiving

When you're ready to receive an order Acctivate enhanced with Crystal Clarity automatically launches tailored receiving logs loaded with your own inspection criteria and alerts for any process or validation.

Bar Code Integration

Start your lot tracking right in the receiving bay with mobile barcoding capabilities. Generate and print barcodes at the press of a button giving you Clarity into your inventory as soon as it is received.

Maximize Your Workflow

Whether you’re just logging inspections as soon as product is delivered, or waiting for a complex QC analysis to be logged in online, our quarantine work flow and associated forms make sure nothing gets used without the necessary inspections.

Electronic Records Management

Electronically sign your receiving forms, Certificates of Analysis, and more with Crystal Control. Crystal Control integrates directly with your workflow and even works on mobile devices.

Weight Scale Integration

Crystal Control can integrate with your internet capable weight scales to record weights of received orders. Electronic forms are then automatically generated for validation.

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Crystal Clarity plugins are adaptable for all manufacturers running QuickBooks or Acctivate. They can be used individually or together as a comprehensive manufacturing and quality software solution.

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